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5th International Conference on Aeolian Research

ICAR 5 and GCTE-SEN Joint Meeting

July 22-25, 2002
Texas Tech University
Lubbock, Texas
Last Updated 25 September, 2002

This is the fifth meeting of the International Conference on Aeolian Research. Previous meetings have been held in Aarhus, Denmark (1985), Sandbjerg, Denmark (1990), Zyzxx, CA, USA (1994) and Oxford, U.K. (1998). ICAR conferences attract aeolian geomorphologists, physical scientists, soil scientists, and erosion specialists from around the world to discuss the latest challenges and discoveries of aeolian research.

The GCTE-SEN is a core project of the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme. The thrust of the GCTE-SEN is twofold: 1) To design and undertake experimental and monitoring programs to provide a predictive understanding of the impacts of changes in climate and land-use on soil erosion and 2) To refine and adapt current erosion models (for use in global change studies) from plot to regional scales. The network was developed to encourage international collaborations and has been very successful. There have been several meetings in support of GCTE-SEN evaluating, testing and comparing water erosion models but very little has been done in wind erosion and aeolian processes.

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